Brain boost!


The brain is one of the most hungriest organ in the human body, it consumes ten times more than other organs and uses up at least 20% of your daily calorie in-take.

Certain foods can actually help to boost your brainpower, clear away your mental fog and help you to increase your mental clarity and ability to think. Here are some foods and drinks that increases your intellectual performance;

Bananas; helps maintain a calm brain.

Eggs; for brain connectivity.

Spinach; increases awareness and memory.

Salmon; is nutritionally dens and helps prevent memory loss.

Broccoli; this childhood punishment food enhances cognitive function and brain power.

Dark chocolate; cacao boosts focus and energy, and assists in fighting stress.

Berries; snacking on these treats throughout the day can help increase memory and concentration.

Almonds; helps increase your intellectual level

Green tea; helps focus attention and improves both speed and accuracy.

Avocado; helps keep the blood flowing to your brain.

Pumpkin seeds; a handful a day can enhance memory and thinking skills.

Water; is essential for all of your body’s functions. It improves focus and helps you think faster.


Text; Parisa Yousefi. Photo; jannoon028 at




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